Flower Care

Our flowers will lasts from 4 to 7 days on average depending on the flowers and environmental conditions


All roses have "guard petals" and they are Mother Nature's way of protecting the beautiful, delicate inner rose bud. Guard petals protect the rose bud during growing, shipping and handling stages.

Although these guard petals may be aesthtically unpleasing to some as they appear wrinkled and varying in color from green to red, these petals are simply part of the natural flower and guarantee proper performance for the rose opening. Guard petals can be removed.
Identifying the guard petalsYour first step is deciding which petals need to go. Your goal is to identify which petals have been protecting your flower from harm. The guard petals are the ones that likely look the worst — they may appear wilted, ugly, and dying. Don’t worry though! That’s not a reflection of the entire rose itself. It’s just because it’s been bumped around a bit because of transit.

Gently peel away the petalPlace your index finger on the inside of the petal and pull down toward the stem. You want to do this slow and softly. Peel away only the guard petal.

Blossom Boxes
Our boxed arrangements are sitting in a floral foam. To get the most out of your Blossom Boxes you need to water them daily. To do this, simply part the flowers and pour water into the foam. This will ensure the flowers get a good drink so that they stay fresher for longer.
For fresh cut flowers always trim before putting into a vase with fresh clean water. If possible change the water daily and trim back the stem every second day.
Preserved Roses
Our Preserved roses typically last for a year without any water or maintenance. Our customers have generally had them for many years!
ALL Flowers should be kept in a cool room, away from any heat sources and direct sunlight. This will ensure the longevity of your flowers. Please call us if you have any concerns or issues with your flowers as we are always here to help!