Be my Lobster (& never let me go)

Be my Lobster (& never let me go)

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Will you be my Lobster?

When it comes to finding perfect love, lobsters are the best. They don't care about gifts, unless they're homemade, or about grand gestures...lovely little ones will do!

With your lobster, it's about the real stuff...lying on your back to watch clouds, tickling each other until you need to pee, or devouring a box set all in one go. You will know when you find your lobster: they will chuckle at the same jokes, let you share their fries and will buckle up to accompany you on this crazy ride called life.

Ways you will know you have found your lobster and not just fished out another crab:

- You looked in all the right places and there was your lobster, just getting on with life in the deep touch of a claw and you were smitten.

- You find yourself looking up at clouds and seagulls rather than under rocks or in the muddy depths - the world feels much bigger and full of hope when your lobster is around.

- You feel literally unstoppable: Team Lobster against the world!

- Any bad habits your lobster may have - blowing their nose loudly or constantly running late - are overlooked as just one of the many facets of their utterly adorable personality.